Book Recommendations for Every Type of Person

Just like movies and television shows, the books we read can play a part in shaping our lifestyle and the way we perceive things around us. As a contemporary lifestyle concept store, we have compiled a list of notable reads for you, covering the bases of fashion, photography, cocktail mixology and travel. 

If you’re thinking of gifting a book to a friend, but unsure of what to get for him/her, check out our guide below and hopefully you will find something based on their interests!

 Book Recommendation: The Ultimate Sneaker Book 

Recommended for: Those obsessed with sneakers (Sneaker Heads)

Maison Marcel - The Ultimate Sneaker Book

We all know somebody, or have heard of someone who is beyond obsessed with sneakers. As if they are caterpillars, these sneaker heads potentially own dozens or even a hundred or more of such shoes. Gifting them Sneaker Freaker: The Ultimate Sneaker Book would be the perfect present (besides a pair of sneakers, duh). With over 650 pages, this hardcover book is filled with images, reports and reviews of the finest sneakers, highlighting the YEEZY phenomena and more. It is also currently the only book of its kind.

 Book Recommendation: The New York Times Explorer (Beaches, Islands & Coasts) 

Recommended for: Beach Bums & Avid Travellers


Maison Marcel - The New York Times Explorer Book

If you are stuck at home right now, yearning for a proper beach holiday soon, The New York Times Explorer: Beaches, Islands & Coasts is for YOU. From just one book, you can teleport to 25 dream island destinations and conquer the world’s best beaches through honest first-person narratives and top-drawer photography. These tropical paradises include the majestic Maldives, coastal Caribbean, the monastery island in Italy's Lago d'Orta and more. The accompanying useful information would surely help to facilitate your vacation to one of these magical places – after the pandemic, that is.

 Book Recommendation: Insta-Perfect 

Recommended for: Avid Instagrammers

Maison Marcel: Insta Perfect BookWhile the younger generation is guilty for living for the gram, we also can’t deny the fact that many businesses are equally invested in this platform, where they are able to increase their customer base and revenue. Enter INSTA-PERFECT, the ideal book for individuals and businesses that want to take their social media platform to the next level. In this book, professional digital content creators share their tips on creating captivating visuals that would convert someone from scrolling away to checking your profile out.

 Book Recommendation: Shake - A New Perspective On Cocktails 

Recommended For: Aspiring Bartenders & Mixologists

Maison Marcel Shake Cocktail BookA nod to one of our all-time favourite pastimes—cocktails—this is one book that’s suitable for anyone from budding bartenders to cocktail aficionados looking to add flair to their home bar. Written by W&P co-founders Eric Prum and Josh Williams, Shake - A New Perspective On Cocktails is a fun book that illustrates different approaches to entertaining with cocktails. The book also includes over 30 cocktail recipes; ranging from basic to advanced-level drinks to help you grasp bartending fundamentals step by step. Gift this 168-page book to bartenders or aspiring mixologists. They will thank you for that! 

 Book Recommendation: Paris City Guide 

Recommended for: Wanderlusters

Maison Marcel - Paris City Guide Cereal  

A 200-page publication featuring Paris’ best sights to see and most memorable things to do, wanderlusters will want to get a hold of this pronto. More than just a soulless directory of the city, Paris City Guide by Cereal has blended the perspectives of locals, expats and tourists, thereby curating a wonderfully balanced travel experience for those who seek to explore Paris inside out. From unique souvenirs to interviews with locals, these carefully researched content will allow you to have an intimate preview of life as a Parisian without having to be physically present. Ah, the wonders of books.