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Black Spotted Beaded Basket S


Bring a unique splash of colour to the home with this planter. Woven from the blade of doum palm leaf and embellished with black glass beads, covering the basket like polka dots. These beautiful palm baskets make stylish flower pots & indoor planters. 

These palm baskets are woven and embellished by hand by the Ariaal people of Ngurunit, Northern Kenya. Ariaal people belong in part to both the Samburu and Rendille tribes, and these baskets borrow from both cultures: the tight basketry techniques of the Rendille and the Samburu beading seen in tribal headwear and necklaces.

Milk is a way of life for this community and these woven baskets were traditionally created as buckets for collecting and storing camel’s milk in. But as plastic and metal jugs became cheaply available for milking, production of these baskets fell into decline. The revival of these palm leaf baskets came about in 2001 when they were reimagined as stunning woven planters for the home, with the addition of multi-coloured beading.   

Dimensions Basket S : 9-10cm DIA x 9-10cm H

Material: Doum Palm Leaf

Please note, due to the handmade nature of the basket, the sizing and colours may vary to that shown in the photograph.


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