Chateau du Tariquet

Blanche Bas Armagnac AOC


Domaine Tariquet

Blanche Armagnac AOC


100% Folle Blanche


Folle-Blanche is the oldest grape of Armagnac, its eau-de-vie is known for its finesse, suppleness and fruitiness.

Serving suggestion:

Blanche Armagnac AOC

Intense and flattering nose of green plum, quince, almond fresh.

Airing reveals delicacy then gives way to intense but not very aggressive esters, an almost feminine sensation of very ripe, almost blettis fruit. The attack on the palate is round, fat and fruity. A brandy that reveals a tender and sappy character. A Folle-Blanche filled with fruit, youth and lightness, which will benefit from being refreshed.

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