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Belles Collection

features beautiful girly moments and memories that the artist wishes to recreate, in order to convey the message of what goes into achieving beauty at its best.

Beach Vacation

The Ariel view of the beach was done on a huge canvas so as to captured the beauty and vastness of "BEACH VACATIONS". Painting it was a joy, mixing different shades of blue, turquoise and splash it with white. Sandy beach extends to the back page, Up-close with the vibes of a relaxing time on the beach. Don't we all long for a beach vacation anytime of the year?

Product Specifications

  • Cover Material: Grain textured PU Soft Cover in Original Print
  • Size: 22 cm H x 14.5 cm W
  • Inner Leaves: 192 pages of Plain , 80gsm ivory coloured, acid-free premium writing paper Bokmark
  • Double silk ribbons Lies flat and open 180 degree
  • Dotted Grid lines


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