Singapore Distillery

Ginseng Gin 42.5%


Inspired by bottles of whisky and brandy with dried ginseng roots in them. Rather than just using dried ginseng roots, we use Fresh Ginseng which gives the gin a bright, zesty, and refreshing flavour and aroma which you can't get with dried ginseng roots.

Ginseng Gin is distilled with fresh Korean Ginseng, together with the usual herbs and spices that make Singapore Distillery gins great. After distillation, one or two whole ginseng roots are placed inside each bottle, depending on the size of the root. Unlike dried ginseng, fresh ginseng roots still have their leaves and berries attached, giving this Ginseng gin a peppery and floral flavour that pairs well with Juniper berries and other herbs and spices used in this gin.

We recommend serving with soda water or tonic water. 

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