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Palace of Song Lampshade with Stand


*PREORDER, est of about 2 weeks

Partnering with GML Gallery,

MaisonMarcel is a lifestyle Concept Store, We're proud to do a soft launch with GML Gallery to showcase their new item. Showcasing that their art isn't just on their Journals, but also in our very day life

"Palace of Song"

Its a contemporary masterpiece paying tribute to the ancient "The Auspicious Crane" from the Song Dynasty by Emperor Wei Zhong. The painting captures the era's beauty with a blend of turquoise and blue hues against golden palace roofs. Majestic cranes, symbolic of grace, circle the canvas, creating a divine symphony. The golden roofs highlight the opulence of the Song Dynasty, while meticulous details transport viewers to a bygone era. This artwork is a visual sonnet, skillfully evoking the timeless allure of classical aesthetics and the spirit of a splendid past

 Lampshade only - measuring at Height 25cm / Diameter 30

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