Sophie La Girafe

Totem Rattle


Totem Rattle by Sophie La Girafe

This eco-friendly rattle is made with a combination of soft and durable rubber wood, which has not been treated with any chemicals. It is paired with 100% natural rubber to provide babies with safe and fun playtime. The unique combination makes for a rattle that is perfect for stimulating a baby’s senses. The natural rubber provides a pleasant texture for little hands to grasp, while the wooden rattle offers a different sensation to explore. As baby shakes and plays with the rattle, the sound it produces will also aid in the development of their auditory senses.

  • Marbles inside the handle and 2 rubberwood rings to listen to clash;
  • Two different materials to vary the sensations of touch;
  • Two colourful rings to develop vision;
  • Textured natural rubber parts to chew on for taste.

Dimensions :

Packaging size : h 165 x w 110 x d 75 mm
Product size: L 70 x H 122 mm L 70 x h 122 mm

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