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LAZIMA: Turquoise Colour Block Woven Basket M


Bring a splash of Kenyan colour to any corner of the home with our turquoise and natural colour blocked baskets, hand woven in three different sizes. Our LAZIMA baskets are produced by an extremely skilled weaving cooperative in South Western Kenya and can be used all over the home as fruit baskets and desk tidies, nursery storage, large planters and flower pots.

Buying our baskets empowers women. We are dedicated to the progress of fair trade and our work with cooperatives helps these women to support themselves and their families through flexible and fairly-paid work: work which can be done here and there, around farming work and family responsibilities. Each woven basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving cooperative

Dimensions: : 23-27CM DIA x 19-21CM H
Please note, due to the handmade nature of the basket, the tone of colour may vary to that shown in the photograph.

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