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Dublin is Ireland’s largest city and also its historical, political, artistic, cultural, economic, and industrial centre. It is one of the youngest cities in Europe, with almost 50% of the population aged under 25. There is a traditional divide between the Northside and the Southside, separated by the river Liffey which flows through the centre of the capital. Dublin has an impressive literary history, having produced such prominent writers as Nobel Prize winners William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett, not to mention Oscar Wilde Jonathan Swift and even the creator of Dracula, Bram Stoker. Dublin Zoo, situated in Phoenix Park, is one of the oldest zoos in the world. The post-boxes on Dublin’s streets are coloured green. They were originally red, during British rule, but were repainted green after independence.

We have represented the skyline of Dublin as seen from the Liberties.

You can see the Spire, Aviva Stadium, Dublin Castle, Trinity College and St Patrick's Cathedral.

  • Length : 50cm
  • 1.5 mm thick steel line
  • To be wall fixed with 3 nails
  • Inside and outside
  • Super easy
  • Start by nailing the middle of the line, then simply adjust the level
  • Not suitable for brick or concrete walls, but able to use bluetac/3M adhesive

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