Palette Puzzles

Marina Castaldo - The Next Trip


Artist: Marina Castaldo 

Size: 800 pieces

Puzzle dimensions: 18 x 24 inches
Box dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 6.4 inches
Printed on 100% recycled paper
Soft matte finish for glare-free puzzling

"Hi, I’m Marina! An Italian designer and illustrator currently living and working in London, UK. I was born and raised in Naples, in the south of Italy. The folklore, the hospitality of people, the warm weather, the barren nature, the contrasting and strong colours, loud voices in the middle of the alleys. All of them influence my art everyday. I find myself fascinated by the nature, the daily life and all the emotions we always feel but are often so afraid to show. I would describe my work process as being very spontaneous and natural. Just like my visual style which is constantly changing and adapting to my growing process as an artist and human being. "


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