Oblio White Box


Oblio Box 

Oblio Box UV Sanitizer purpose is to destroy bacteria from the surface of your smartphone’s screen and not to remove finger prints or any other marks.
It efficiently kills up to 99.9% of proliferating bacteria most commonly identified on smartphones displays.

  • Color - WHITE
  • UV-C sanitizer with built-in wireless charger
  • Wireless charging power: up to 10W, compatible with most phones and devices that support wireless charging and are Qi-compatible
  • UV sanitizer: any goods that can fit into the sanitizer, such as glasses, watch, jewelry, earphones, masks, smartphones
  • UV Sterilization efficiency: 99.9% This product has been tested and proven by a third-party accredited laboratory to effectively eliminates up to 99,9% germs and bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus within 5 minutes
  • Unique and secured rotating closing lid
  • LED indicator for proper placement and charging status. Power supply: on USB-C port (cable included)

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