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Pintu Pagar Cat


Singapore Collection 

The Series transports you to a dreamy realm where our multicultural heritage gracefully intertwines with a mesmerizing modern landscape. With ethereal depictions of the enchanting Peranakan culture, lush Garden City, and iconic landmarks, these artworks evoke a sense of wonder and invite you to explore the magical tapestry of our diverse roots.


It features Our Singapura Cat, lounging at the entrance of Paranakan House, distinguishable by the Pintu Pagar, the "fence door" which is accompanied by the two windows on the side. Typically a half-height door, allowing ample light and air into the home, which also acts as a fence door that allows for privacy and security for the families residing in the shophouse.


Product Specifications

  • Cover Material: Grain Art Prints on PU pellet textured finish. 2mm hard cover backing
  • Style: Thread bound with rounded corners
  • Inner Leaves: 160 pages of Plain , 100gsm off white acid-free, premium writing paper
  • Size: 21cm H x 14.5cm W
  • Bookmark: Double silk ribbons lies flat and open 180 degrees

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